Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor of Arts Degree

Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree opens new doors and exposes you to a whole new world that would not be attainable without this accolade. The education, dedication, and focus spent obtaining a BA transfers into a work ethic that is essential for performing jobs that require this kind of education. Typically taking four years to earn, a Bachelor of Arts degree is generally centered around a specific type of study that governs your career path. Teachers, editors, and public administrators all require this type of degree to be lawfully employed in these professions. There are quite a few additional professions that require a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well.

Here are some jobs you can get with a Bachelor of Arts Degree:

  1. Secondary School Teacher
  2. Editor
  3. Human Resources Specialist
  4. Technical Writer
  5. Education Administrator
  6. Writer/Author

Secondary School Teacher

With a BA, individuals can select from teaching middle school or high school students. Each one comes with a different pay grade and different responsibilities, so consider the work that will go into each type of teaching position before accepting a degree job offer in this field.


Most individuals have already performed this job at some level in their lives, especially since they already have a Bachelor of Arts degree under their belt. However, professional editing is a bit different and requires more expertise than you might be used to. This is a way to make a good living, but the standards are high, especially if you edit for a news outlet or public entity.

Human Resources Specialist

If you enjoy working with people, this may be the job for you. Responsible for managing benefits, conducting training, and handling disgruntled employees, a Human Resources Specialist position offers a way to make a real impact in the lives of people around you. However, you must also have a vast array of knowledge surrounding various life circumstances and the laws regarding specific types of leave and retirement. A lot of knowledge is required for this position outside of your BA degree.

Technical Writer

As the demand for anything in the field of technology continues to grow, Technical Write positions are becoming more prevalent and widely available. Employment in engineering and medicine fields will earn a higher salary over others, so there is a good opportunity to make a great living in this degree field.

Education Administrator

Someone who enjoys spending time around children will find an Education Administrator position to be most rewarding. In charge of running daycares, preschools, and elementary schools, this position can be transferred to nearly any type of learning environment. Libraries, museums, and job-training programs may even be outlets for someone with a BA in this specific field. The opportunities are endless for an Education Administration with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


Spending time writing and creating stories for the reading pleasure of others may sound like a dream job, but there is a lot that goes into this profession. Someone with a Bachelor of Arts may be able to write TV dialogue, generate blogs, and create travel journals in this field. Writing manuals, books, or e-books would also be an opportunity for someone with this type of degree.